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Help clean up our downtown waterways!

The St. Petersburg Downtown Neighborhood Association is committed to making downtown a better place for all who live, work, and play here. In 2016 we launched an important new initiative to help clean up our downtown waterways. Through a neighborhood grant from the City of St. Petersburg, the SPDNA has sponsored the installation and maintenance of debris booms at Mirror Lake and our downtown waterfront to reduce the amount of trash released into the water from stormwater pipes.


Debris Booms Installations

Debris booms have been installed at Demens Landing, the Pier Approach, and Mirror Lake to capture debris from stormwater pipes.

Photo Credit: 
Johnny McLendon, Photographer | johnnymclendon.com

Debris Boom Maintenance

The debris booms are maintained by the City of St. Petersburg. SPDNA volunteer groups clear debris from the debris booms and pick up additional litter during regular cleanup days.

Volunteers Needed!

If your interested in volunteering please signup to our email list to get updates on upcoming cleanup days.