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The Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association met on August 12, 2010, in the common room at the Florencia condominium building at 100 Beach Drive NE. The meeting was called to order by President Marilyn Olsen shortly after 7 p.m.

Present were Ms. Olsen, treasurer Allan Brockway, secretary Timothy J. Baker, and board members Sydni Shollenberger, Marlys Meckler , John Belovitz and Peter Belmont.

Ms. Olsen announced the resignation from the board of Mike Johnson, who said he could not continue in the job because of many other commitments.

Ms. Shollenberger moved and Mr. Belovitz seconded a motion to nominate Willi Rudowsky to the seat previously vacated by Bob Calistri. Ms. Rudowksy has been active in DNA for a number of years. Her nomination was accepted by a unanimous vote.

The minutes of the previous meeting and the current treasuer’s report were both approved as posted on the DNA web site.

There was a discussion about adding a household membership category, which would give full membership for two people, plus the ability to purchase tickets to the Urban Porch Parties at the membership rate. A motion to approve was made by ???? and seconded by Ms. Shollenberger. The motion passed.

There was a discussion about efforts to improve the landscaping of the Progress Energy substation at 4th Avenue and 1st Street. Ms. Shollenberger was authorized to write a letter to Progress Energy supporting these efforts, on a motion by Mr. Baker and a second by Mr. Brockway.

Ms. Olsen discussed some upcoming changes in city parking enforcement. She said the city is going to phase out marking tires with chalk, and imlplement a license recognition system. Also, she said the city will begin to boot cars that have more than ten unpaid tickets.

Ms. Olsen updated the board on the proposal to build a four-story condominium on the site of the current Blocker House on 4th Avenue North, between the Townview and the Presbyterian Tower. A previous plan for a highrise has been scrapped. The Blocker House is currently vacant.

There was a general discussion of the Hometown Democracy ballot question. Board members voiced support for having a debate on the issue at the October meeting.

Ms. Shollenberger moved and Ms. Rudowski seconded that DNA contribute $500 to an effort to build a sun dial at the north end of North Shore Park. An amendment to an amount of $250 was made by Ms. Meckler and seconded by Mr. Belmont. The amendment also specified that the donation is contingent on the balance of the funds being secured. The amendment and the resolution were approved. Mr. Baker voted no.

Mr. Baker and Ms. Olsen reported to the board on a presentation made to City Council of the long term vision statement that DNA had adopted for the Downtown Waterfront.

Adjourn – The meeting adjourned at about 8:30 p.m.

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