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The meeting (at the Bayfront Tower) was called to order by Gary Grooms president at 7PM

Present were Gina Driscoll, Gary Grooms, Dan Harvey, John Mason, Robin O’Dell, Terry Rimer, Dan Saginario, George Saltsman and Al Scafati. Also present was Tim Clemmons Chair of the DNA Planning Committee.

Following the President’s report, a motion was made and unanimously approved the appointment of Mark Ferrulo and Robin O’Dell to the Board for 2014.

The treasurer’s report was distributed and accepted. John Mason volunteered to be secretary for this meeting.

Tim Clemmons made a superb presentation on a new planned condominium building to be called The Salvador. He provided the Board with answers to a number of questions on building development in the downtown neighborhood.

In regard to the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan and the Pier Working Group, Marilyn Olson had circulated a draft report. In response to a request from the St. Petersburg Municipal Pier Cultural Resources Committee (CRC), of which our representative, Marilyn Olsen, is a working member, the Board voted unanimously to not take a position at this time on either 1) renovation of the Inverted Pyramid with a new Pier approach; or 2) demolition of the Inverted Pyramid and Pier bridge to make way for a new structure. We also agreed that if ultimately mitigation of loss is mandatory due to the eligibility of the Pier for the National Historical Register, then the mitigation options already proposed to the CRC are acceptable.

Dan Saginario and George Saltsman presented an overview of the proposed DNA annual Awards event. The overview was well regarded and led to a number of suggestions from the Board. Discussion thoughts led to the ideas of an award ceremony in early February and having the next tour of homes in the fall.

Draft proposals to improve the quality of neighborhood life were provided by John Mason. The Board felt several can feed into DNA communications. The Board also related concerns in public safety involving motor vehicles, bicycles, skate boarders, and pedestrians.

Al Scafati, Political Liaison, reported on activities of the Central Area Council, He also mentioned a request from Sargent Morton to report vagrancy incidents to the police.

Terry Rimer led a discussion of plans for the newsletter, which will remain quarterly, published electronically, and contains content by Tim Baker and others.

Gina Driscoll described the Urban Pooch Party planned for the September 9th Urban Porch Party.

Gary Grooms asked Board members to send him questions on Greenlight Pinellas to be used in the debate planned for the next general meeting.


Respectfully submitted by John Mason

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