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The meeting was called to order with a quorum at 7:05 PM


Treasurer’s report posted on the web site. A hard copy of the DNA Treasurer’s Report was provided.

Newsletter/Communication Review Ð Update:

DNA will meet with I LOVE THE BURG website to discuss opportunities for collaborating or submitting DNA identified articles for inclusion.

Will continue with the quarterly newsletter or postcard for members with at least one expanded distribution mailing for the January meeting.

Carefest St Petersburg, Saturday, September 29 – DNA members may partner with another group to clean up Williams Park.

Nominating Committee – Each member of the Board of Directors will give a name for a potential Board member to the Nominating Committee

Focus Issues – Marilyn Olsen will send an email to the Board about the focus issues.

Other New Business- Brief discussion about the newÊ apartment buildings next to the Pubix and the one on the Tampa Bay Times parking lot.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Submitted by Tim Brown


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