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Board Minutes February 12, 2009

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The Downtown Neighborhood Association Board of Directors held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, February 12, in the meeting room at the Florencia condominium. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m.. by president Marilyn Olsen.

Present – Allan Brockway, John Harte, Marilyn Olsen, Tim Baker, Sydni Shollenberger, Richard Freeburg, Joe Pugliano, Mike Johnson and Peter Belmont.

Absent – Gene Ormond and Marie Stirling.

Minutes – Allan Brockway moved and Sydni Shollenberger seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting, December, 2008, be approved as posted on the association web site. The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report – Allan Brockway presented reports from December, 2008, and January, 2009. The December report showed that the association was almost exactly on budget for the year. Allan Brockway moved and Sydni Shollenberger seconded that the budget from 2008 be adopted for 2009. The motion passed unanimously, following a discussion of a number of details, including using some money to recruit members from a proposed expansion of the DNA boundaries. (See below.)

Committees – There was a discussion of changes in some committee names to better reflect the actual work done by those committees. The former Baseball Committee is now the Waterfront Committee; the Community Improvement/City Team Committee remains, but as the city no longer has City Teams, that aspect was dropped; and the Beautification Committee is now the Parks and Environment committee.

Updates – Peter Belmont updated the board on the construction plans at St. PeterÕs Episcopal Cathedral, the proposed hotel for 4th Avenue North between 1st Street and Beach Drive, and a new, independent committee that is being formed to celebrate the centennial of the cityÕs Downtown waterfront parks.

Boundary Change – It was moved by Tim Baker and seconded by Joe Pugliano that the board recommend to the membership that the association expand its boundaries, and that a vote be taken at the April general membership meeting. The current boundary on the west is along Martin Luther King Drive, from 5th Avenue South to 5th Avenue North. The expansion would take in two additional areas: between 1st Avenue South and 1st Avenue North, from ML King to 18th Avenue; and from 4th Avenue South to 1st Avenue South between ML King and 10th Street. During a discussion of the proposal, Marilyn Olsen noted that she originated the idea for expanding the boundaries after being contacted by residents of the new condominium building at 1010 Central Avenue. This address is currently outside the boundaries of any established neighborhood association, and they asked about joining DNA. Mr. Baker pointed out that the proposed expansion would mean that DNA covered all of Downtown, with the exception of the area that is already part of the Methodist Town neighborhood (west of ML King and north of 1st Avenue North), and the Tropicana site. The motion passed unanimously.

Florida Neighborhoods Conference – The annual state conference of neighborhood associations will be held in St. Petersburg in July. The city’s Neighborhood Partnership Office has asked DNA to host some of the attendees on the Friday evening that they are here. This would include giving a bus tour of Downtown, and treating 40 to 50 visitors to dinner of some kind. A discussion was held of possible ways to entertain these visitors. DNA may partner with St. Petersburg Preservation Inc. on this project.

April General Meeting – Several items are on the agenda for this meeting, to be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 9, at the Sunshine Center. Council member Karl Nurse will address the membership on current issues facing the City Council, including the budget. The proposed boundary expansion will be presented for a vote.

Timothy J. Baker


February 13, 2009

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