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Board Minutes February 12, 2015

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Present were board directors Paul Carder, Gina Driscoll, Mark Ferrulo, Gary Grooms, Dan Harvey, Carol Hess, Jessie Landis, John Mason, Robin O’Dell, Joe Pugliano, Dan Saginario, Al Scafati, and George Saltsman.

Also present were Karl Nurse (City Council), Marilyn Olson (past-president), and Dave Johnson (HSN, social media).

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:09 PM by Al Scafati, President.
  2. Karl Nurse spoke to downtown issues: noise complaints and the need for more effective ordinances, the Pier Design contest, possible funding for Rays and use of space, Police Headquarters, downtown construction issues, and preservation.
  3. Marilyn Olson spoke about downtown waterfront planning issues. She gave a brief history and encouraged members to get acquainted with the issues, what is being currently proposed, and help decide how DNA should weigh in. It was decided that the issue will be discussed at the next meeting with a view towards SPDNA adopting a position.
  4. Dave Johnson spoke to the topic of social and digital media. He expressed the need for clear-cut goals, deliverables, building awareness, and offered to help with content on the new Face book profile.
  5. A motion was made by Gina to approve the January minutes, was seconded by Jessie, and was approved.
  6. A copy of the Treasure’s report was distributed. A motion was made to create a committee to create a budget for the coming year by George, was seconded by John and passed.
  7. Gina Driscoll gave an update for the Sunshine Awards. The board was encouraged to buy tickets if they had not done so already. Emails have been going out weekly and over 1500 votes have been counted. Plaques for the winners are to be created.
  8. Gary Grooms gave an update from the planning committee. He spoke on the Arts and Crafts Museum and their request for a variance. He also briefly addressed ONE, Salvador, Bliss, and the Times Building.
  9. Paul Carder gave an update on the website. The relationship with Webfuz is being severed, due to problems with promised performance versus actuality. Updates are going to be attempted internally by the board. The possibility of an intern was raised. Ideas are welcome. Dave and Jessie to work on social media, and Dave and Paul to work on the website. Dan to provide oversight and membership. Efforts are to be made to expand membership and Marshall is to chair membership efforts.
  10. The Locale Porch Party was a success. It made a small profit and Locale voiced the possibility of another event down the road.
  11. The need for a member to act as chair for a sponsorship committee was raised. While no one stepped forward to be chair, sponsorships were offered by Dan H. and Joe. (Thanks guys!)
  12. Gary spoke about the Tour of Homes. Last year was a success, and it is hoped that this year each building might host the event themselves, rather than having an overall host. The Yacht Club has offered to provide a lunch location. The event will take place in the Autumn, probably October.
  13. Dan H. spoke about an opportunity that the Edge District is offering of funds for hosting informational get-togethers. He also spoke about a possible Rowdies tie-in for an event or meeting.
  14. The next meeting is scheduled for March 12 at the Bayfront Tower, 28th floor.
  15. The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 pm. (whew)

These minutes were recorded by Robin O’Dell, Secretary, February 12, 2015.

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