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Board Minutes February 13, 2014

By February 13, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes No Comments

At Bayfront Towers

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

Present: Brian Bailey, Paul Carder, Gary Grooms, Dan Harvey, John Mason, Barbara Riddle-Dvorak, Terry Rimer, Dan Saginario, George Saltsman, Albert Scafati, Sydni Shollenberger

Absent: Joe Pugliano

Barbara Riddle-Dvorak volunteered to fill the open position of Secretary. ( Sydni Shollenberger will function as back-up, as needed.) By a motion made and duly seconded, Barbara was elected Secretary.

By motion made and duly seconded, the minutes from the Jan. 9 meeting were approved.

President’s Report

Gary Grooms reiterated his hope that the new Board will be active in 2014 in expanding our diverse membership, and engaging in new marketing and rebranding efforts while strengthening our ties to the downtown community through vibrant Urban Porch Parties and informative speakers at our General Meetings.

The President reported that the Venetian condo developer has appealed the turn-down for a zoning variance that had been requested last fall. The hearing for the appeal has been deferred until April. (Note: the DNA voted last fall not to recommend granting the zoning variance.)

The dangerous intersection at 5th and 2nd will be getting a build-out that will improve sight lines and make turning much safer.

The subject of the Tampa Bay Watch field trip initiative was raised, and after discussion it was suggested by Paul Carder that a field trip with them be postponed. The group agreed.

Gary Grooms reported that Councilman Karl Nurse had expressed an interest in attending DNA Board meetings. The President will forward a list of our meeting dates to determine Karl’s availability. Greater engagement by our Councilman will result in more impact by DNA.

The schedule for the membership booth at Saturday Market on Feb. 15 was discussed, and the new sign and brochures put together by Brian Bailey of RKC were passed around.

The revised schedule for UPPs (4 instead of 6) was passed around and agreed on. The new suggested dates are March 12 ( at Rococco), May 7, Sept. 10, and November 12.

No one willing was ready to take responsibility for all the UPPs, but for March 12, Sydni Shollenberger and Barbara Riddle-Dvorak will work with Brian Bailey to make it happen.

It was recommended by Paul Carder that DNA join the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce to keep us better informed about downtown City issues and provide an outlet for our influence. Cost would be $250/year. By a motion made and duly seconded, this was approved. Paul will contact the Membership Director to clarify the questions DNA directors have. He will report back next meeting.

President Grooms brought up the issue of renewing our membership in CONA. By a motion made and duly seconded, it was decided not to be a member this year. A letter will be sent to CONA stating that we will consider re-joining in the future if it’s clear they are fulfilling their mandate.

The President presented the Board with a proposal to employ Brian Bailey and RKC at a nominal cost of $325/month for his staff time to maintain our new website (his own labor will be donated) and help us with marketing and rebranding, as well as upgrading how we publicize the UPP’s and other events and assist in membership-building activities. By a motion made and duly seconded, this was approved. The Board agreed to consider a Conflict of Interest policy at the next meeting.

We discussed the upcoming DNA 2014 Tour of Homes Fundraiser, which Smith & Associates has offered to help organize. It may be tied in with observing the 10th Anniversary of the DNA and Paul Carder will make the intial contact with Smith & Associates.

Ideas for our April 10th General Meeting were discussed, and it was decided to consider holding it at Al Lang Stadium with a programming by the ROWDIES soccer team. Brian Bailey will confirm availability and make recommendations at the next Board meeting.

Earlier it was mentioned that Mike Dove, newly appointed by Mayor Rick Kriseman as Director of Neighborhood Affairs, will be coming to the next General Meeting.

Dan Harvey proposed that we arrange to have a monthly update to the DNA about the Waterfront Plan and Pier. There was nothing actionable to vote on. There will be a public meeting from 8:30 -5:30 on Feb 28 on the 6th floor of the City building to choose a Waterfront Plan consultant from a selection of 8 possibilities and Dan suggested people attend this if interested.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Riddle-Dvorak

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