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Board Minutes February 21, 2013

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The Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association met at 7 p.m. Thursday, February 21, in the Card Room of Bayfront Tower.

Quorum present, in attendance were: Gary Grooms, President; Lottie Belovitz, Treasurer; Board Members Marilyn Olsen, Marlys Meckler, Joe Pugliano, George Saltsman, David Hirschman, Dan Harvey, Jr., Barbara Riddle-Dvorak, and Terry Rimer. Absent were Paul Carder and Brian Bailey.

The minutes of the January board meeting were posted on the DNA web site after email distribution.

Meeting commenced with roundtable introductions due to the inclusion of 6 new board members.

Committee Discussion: 1) Tim Clemmons will continue as Chair of the Planning Committee; 2) Tim Baker will continue as Chair of the Newsletter Committee with additional contributions from Barbara Riddle-Dvorak; 3) Gary Grooms will contact Brian Bailey regarding his willingness to Chair the Website Committee with the help of Allan Brockway; 4) Marlys Meckler will continue as Chair of the Cultural Arts Committee with the assistance of David Hirschman; 5) Lottie Belovitz, Treasurer, will continue as Chair of Finance Committee with the help of Cheryl Banks and her replacement, Joe Pugliano; 6) Marilyn Olsen will continue as Chair of the Urban Porch Party Committee with the assistance of several board members; 8) the fate of the CONA Committee and subsequent DNA participation will be determined at the next meeting after David Hirschman attends the CONA goal setting meeting on March 2nd, and Dan Harvey, Jr. or Barbara Riddle-Dvorak attend the CONA monthly meeting on March 20th at the Sunshine Center.

Beautification Committee will be dissolved. Preservation Committee will be dissolved since our strong relationship with Peter Belmont, St. Pete Preservation President, is sufficient for our current needs. Barbara Riddle-Dvorak will be point person for Mirror Lake updates, but there will be no official committee. Marilyn Olsen will continue to spearhead our Waterfront Master Plan interests with the assistance of Dan Harvey, Jr. and Tim Clemmons.

Treasurer reported that the DNA balance is $7,855. Marilyn Olsen suggested that the UPP budget line be amended from $5,250 to $2,500. The annual budget will be reviewed and approved at the March meeting.

Amplified Noise Ordinance will now be enforced by the police department. Detailed information regarding the Noise Ordinance is posted on the DNA web site. Marilyn Olsen will e-mail board members copies of the Ordinance.

Marilyn Olsen provided brief historical overview of DNAÕs role in the development of the Downtown Waterfront Vision Statement approved by the DNA Board of Directors in October 2010. The Charter Review Commission added our amendment to the ballot which was passed by the voters adding the requirement to the City Charter. As a result, the City must have a Waterfront Master Plan by July of 2015. A steering committee of City/Chamber/Community Groups has been formed, called the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan (DWMP) Task Force to guide the ULI process. Both Marilyn Olsen and Tim Clemmons are on the steering committee. The process will commence with a ULI Study (Urban Land Institute Study), costing $125,000, followed by a City RFP for a planning consultant. The planning consultant would write the draft DWMP which would then have to be approved by City Council after public input. The city will contribute $25,000 to the ULI study, while a committee has been formed to raise the additional $100,000. DNA, as one of the key community groups, has been asked to contribute to this fund. Dan Harvey, Jr. moved and Joe Pugliano seconded that the DNA contribute $1,000 to this Chamber-driven community project. Board vote was unanimous.

February UPP at Pier Hotel was well attended with several new members joining. March 13thÕs UPP will be held in the 300 southside block of Central in the Trench.

The April 11th General Meeting presentation options were discussed: 1) Phil Graham Waterfront Foundation; 2) Tampa Bay Watch; 3) Joe Kubicki, City Director Transportation/Parking Management to discuss bike vs. pedestrian sidewalk use; 4) Ocean Team. George Saltsman moved and David Hirschman seconded to have Joe Kubicki as the presenter for the April meeting. Board vote was unanimous. Dan Harvey, Jr. suggested that Kubicki may also want to address light rail.

New business included a discussion on the Williams Park situation. Marlys Meckler suggested the Friends of Williams Park be placed on the March meeting agenda. Dan Harvey, Jr. volunteered to be our point person for the Grand Central/Edge district and will be placed on the March agenda as well. Dan Harvey announced that the Columbia has provided the City with a $3M bid to have the Hub restaurant (Pelican parking lot) at the Lens. City will open RFP to allow other bidders.

George Saltsman, Bayfront Tower resident, informed us that we can only have access to the Card room for meeting every other month for meetings. The March 14th meeting will hosted by Dan Harvey, Jr. at 1425 Central Avenue.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Submitted by Terry Rimer, DNA Board Member, for Paul Carder, DNA Secretary.

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