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Board Minutes February 8, 2007

Members present: Tim Baker, Allan Brockway, Tim Clemmons, Richard Freeburg, John Harte, Mike Johnson, Marilyn Olsen, Joe Pugliano, Sydni Ann Shollenberger, Marie Stirling

Members absent: Peter Belmont, Walter Hall

The Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) Board of Directors met at the Hilton Hotel, downtown St. Petersburg, on Thursday, February 8, 2007. Tim Baker called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

There were no minutes from the previous board meeting.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Nominations for president, treasurer, and secretary were made from the floor: president, Tim Baker; treasurer, Allan Brockway; secretary, Sydni Ann Shollenberger. There being no other nominations, the three candidates were elected unanimously.

President Baker reported on correspondence and community meetings. He reported on his meeting with an officer of the Downtown Residents’ Civic Association (DRCA) and suggested that DNA and DRCA might work together on the zoning ordinances for the waterfront area, including potential uses and height restrictions for Al Lang Field. There was general discussion on the subject of zoning ordinance changes, and board members were advised that the DNA position on limitations had not been incorporated into the City staff proposal. DNA members and board will have to defend the DNA proposal on the zoning ordinance changes at public hearings before City boards and City Council.

MOTION: Dick Freeburg moved, Marilyn Olsen seconded, a motion to allow two portable toilets to be delivered to the Saturday Morning Market for use during the hours the market is open and to be removed immediately thereafter, with placement adjacent to a City dumpster in an alleyway bordering a lot used by market vendors. After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Allan Brockway presented the treasurer’s report. Discussion ensued. An Advertising Committee was formed to solicit ads for the newsletter and website. Marie Stirling, Mike Johnson, and Joe Pugliano will constitute the committee.

MOTION: Allan Brockway moved, Marie Stirling seconded, that the budget be accepted as amended. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Sydni Shollenberger moved, Mike Johnson seconded, that the board create a Standing Committee on Landscaping and Beautification. The motion passed unanimously. John Harte will chair the committee.

MOTION: Mike Johnson moved, Joe Pugliano seconded, approval of the proposed Temporary Parking Lot draft ordinance, with authority given to the DNA Planning Committee to negotiate with the City. The motion passed unanimously.

The proposed ordinance report was presented by Planning Committee chair Tim Clemmons for board member Peter Belmont, who chaired the committee that drafted the proposed Temporary Parking Lot ordinance and who was absent from the February 8 board meeting.

MOTION: Allan Brockway moved, Sydni Shollenberger seconded, that the president of DNA be authorized to talk to the City to oppose the Triann Tower office building project as now proposed, for two reasons: the FAR bonus rules are not followed; the alley setback variance requested is unacceptable. The motion passed unanimously.

Reports on the City Team by Dick Freeburg and on the Homeless Task Force by Mike Johnson and Dick Freeburg were the final two items on the agenda. There was no motion offered; however, the Board indicated in discussion of its general approval of the approach to resolving the homeless issues, particularly in Williams Park and other downtown congregating areas, as outlined by Johnson and Freeburg.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 p.m.

The treasurer’s report and budget approved at the February 8 meeting are on the DNA website.

Respectfully submitted

Sydni Ann Shollenberger, APR


Downtown Neighborhood Association

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