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Board Minutes February 9, 2012

The board of directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association met at 7 p.m. Thursday, February 9, in the public room at the Florencia.

Present were: Marilyn Olsen, president; Lottie Belovitz, treasurer; board members Timothy J. Baker, Peter Belmont, Paul Carder, Tim Clemmons, Gary Grooms, Marlys Meckler, Bill Stokes; and finance chair Cheryl Banks. Absent were: Tim Brown, Joe Pugliano and Bill Walsh.

The minutes from the December Êmeeting were held until March.

The treasurer’s report was approved as presented by Cheryl Banks. Tim Clemmons moved and Bill Stokes seconded approving a 2012 budget the same as 2011. The motion was approved.

The recent shooting at the Scene was discussed. No action was taken pending an ordinance being prepared for City Council.

It was agreed that the topic for the April General Membership meeting would be the arts. Paul Carder offered to contact John Collins, Arts Coalition.

It was reported that Tim Clemmons and Timothy Baker will prepare a response to the city’s draft Waterfront Master Plan.

Michael Maltzan Team will be available to meet with DNA and CONA on Wednesday, February 15, at 3 pm at City Hall to discuss the proposal for a new Pier. Everyone was encouraged to participate.

Tim Clemmons reported on the preliminary meeting with Alan Kolar to review the proposed Mill Creek project on 3rd. A limited number of areas for future discussion were forwarded to Mr. Kolar and will be communicated to city staff.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Marilyn R. Olsen, President

Downtown Neighborhood Association

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