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Board Minutes January 17, 2008

Members present: Tim Baker, Peter Belmont, Allan Brockway, Tim Clemmons, Richard Freeburg, John Harte, Mike Johnson, Marilyn Olsen, Gene Ormond, Joe Pugliano.

Members absent: Sydni Ann Shollenberger, Marie Stirling

In the absence of the Secretary, minutes were recorded by Peter Belmont.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) Board of Directors met at the UPS Store, Second Avenue South, St. Petersburg, on January 17, 2008, at 7 p.m.

Election of officers took place: The following officers were elected: President – Marilyn Olsen (nom by Allan Brockway; sec. by Joe Pugliano.) who thereafter chaired the meeting; Treasurer – Alan Brockway (nom byÊ Mike Johnson.; sec by John Harte); Secretary – Sydni Ann Shollenberger (nom by Tim Clemmons. sec. by Tim Baker.)

The following committees were reestablished with chairs selected as follows:

Planning – Tim Clemmons

Homelessness – Mike Johnson

Newsletter & Advertising – Tim Baker

Beautification – John Harte

Baseball – Peter Belmont

Membership – Gene Ormond

City Team/Community Improvement – Dick Freeburg

Updates/action on the following issues occurred:

Tim Clemmons advised that the DRC hearing on the Parkside proposed development on 2nd Street North has been continued to March and staff has been provided the written comments of DNA.

Peter Belmont advised that Fuel has consented to the intervention of DNA and HONNA in the circuit court appeal. Peter explained that our brief will be due 14 days after the court enters an order granting our intervention which he expects may occur next week.

Peter Belmont advised that the first of the LDR “glitch” amendments has been proposed by staff and two amendments are of concern for DNA. The first, would allow mini-storage use to become an accessory use in D-2 (residential emphasis) zoning district. Staff has explained that accessory means less than 50% use. The second would allow laboratories and research and development use as a permitted use in D-2 zoning district. The Board agreed to object to both of these uses being allowed within the D-2 zoning district.

Thanks to Tim Baker for his duties as President for three years.

The meeting was timely adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, with acknowledgement to Peter Belmont,

Sydni Ann Shollenberger, APR


Downtown Neighborhood Association

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