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At the Sunshine Center

Tim Baker, President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA), opened our General Membership meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Minutes – the minutes of our previous General Meeting were not available.

Treasurer’s Report – our Treasurer, Allan Brockway, noted that we have $2,900. in the bank with no expenses year to date except the newsletter. We currently have 158 paid members. The full financial report can be found on our DNA website

The focus of our General Membership meeting was the future of Williams Park.

Don Shea, Ex. V.P. of Downtown Partnership, a private, non-profit group, updated us on a meeting he recently attended, which focused on a Vision and Strategies for the future of Williams Park. The vision is to “be the center of downtown.” The five strategies that support this vision are:

– Relocate the bus terminal.

– Redesign the Park to make it user friendly.

– Use a holistic approach to Park social issues, i.e. homelessness.

– Focus on programming events and activities that will attract people.

– Fund partnerships that will help to develop the previous 4 strategies, i.e. “Friends of Williams Park”?

Karl Nurse of the PSTA talked about the possibility of rather than relocating the bus stop, it may be interesting to keep it IN Williams Park, but underground similar to what Seattle and Denver have done. He shared that 2/3s of PSTA’s passengers originate and end their trip in downtown St. Pete·.especially since St. Pete College has opened a downtown campus.

Tim Clemmons has worked with Phil Graham on a proposed redesign of Williams Park. He presented some interesting ideas on “marrying” the PSTA underground concept with revitalizing the Park.

We had very good feedback from our meeting attendees on different approaches to a downtown bus terminal and the use of Williams Park. We were reminded that the ideas are still a work in progress and it will be 12-18 months before we settle on a PSTA site·keeping in mind that the primary focus is on improving Williams Park.

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