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Present: Tim Baker, President; Peggy Spoor, Secretary; Allan Brockway, treasurer, Tim Clemmons, Diane Drutowski, Richard Lane, John Owens, Joe Pugliano, Andrew Scherman and Marie Stirling.

Guests – none

Treasurer’s Report – Distributed by Allan Brockway.

Correspondence Waterfront – it was agreed that representatives from the following organizations and/or issue owners would be invited to address our October General Meeting on October 14 and present their plans. Perhaps a panel discussion might be appropriate. Mahaffey Theatre, Dali Museum, Maas Brothers site, Al Lang field.

The DNA is very concerned about the long-term master plan, or lack thereof, governing the property between 2nd and 5th Avenue South and the waterfront. There are multiple actions planned and they appear to be on an ad hoc basis. A prime example is that it appears the move of the Dali Museum to the Bayfront area is a done deal, however, we are not aware of any invitation to discuss and/or debate if this indeed is a good long term move for the City of St. Petersburg and its’ residents. It is our understanding that City Council is planning to have the Dali Museum move placed on the November ballet, however, we are uncertain that the citizens (who own this land) have enough information to make an informed decision.

Follow-up Action:

Tim Clemmons will call the City to get a copy of the current waterfront plan.

Tim Baker will call Council people; Virginia Littrell, John Bryan, Earnest Williams and Don Shea to voice the DNAÕs concern about the apparent lack of a past plan for the areas of downtown noted above.

Letter from Frank Farkas – he would like to address one of our meetings. Tim Baker will respond.

Letter from Sunshine Center – they are requesting a $50.00 donation to assist them in providing Holiday meals to the needy. Andrew Scherman moved to provide $50.00 from the DNA funds to the Sunshine Center Holiday meal project. Joe Pugliano and John Owens seconded the motion. A unanimous vote ?yesÓ followed.

Committee Reports

• Courtyard Tours – Tim Baker reported we are still scheduled for October 16. Plans coming together nicely. We announced the Tour again in our July newsletter.

• Neighborhood grants – We are still identifying sites for beautification.

• Planning – See above

• Transportation – no report

• Homeless Task Force – Diane reported that they have new leadership, which should create some new momentum.

• Membership – no report

• Social – no report

• Communications the current July newsletter has been mailed and will be made available to various high-rise condos in the City. Our major newsletter will be published in October.

Old Business

Parking lot – we had previously discussed working on trying to influence having the parking lot at 1st St. N and Central Avenue cleaned up, i.e. paved, etc. Since then, the City has announced that a developer will be building a high rise on that property. We have tabled the issue.

New Business

Dali Museum move/October meeting – see above.

Adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Spoor


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