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The Downtown Neighborhood Association Board of Directors met on June 11, 2009, in the meeting room at the Florencia. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Marilyn Olsen, president

Present, in addition to Ms. Olsen, were Timothy J. Baker (secretary), Allan Brockway (treasurer), Richard Freeburg, John Harte and Marlys Meckler.

The board welcomed Ms. Meckler as the newest member. Prior to the meeting, the board voted by e-mail to elect her to fill a vacancy that has existed since the beginning of the year. Ms. Meckler has been active in the association for several years, and is especially interested in public art Downtown.

The board discussed the issue of bicycles and other vehicles, such as Segways and skateboards, using the sidewalks Downtown. Mr. Baker raised the question of whether allowing multiple users on sidewalks was a safety issue. Currently, it is legal for bicycles to use the sidewalks, although the city has the authority to prohibit them. No action was taken.

The board discussed plans for the October general meeting, which will feature a debate among the final candidates for Mayor of St. Petersburg, and for two City Council seats. While DNA will be the main sponsor of the debate, co-sponsors may be enlisted. Also, the location for the debate has not yet been decided.

Timothy J. Baker


March 16, 2009

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