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Present were board directors Paul Carder, George Saltsman,

Gina Driscoll, Al Scafati, Robin O’Dell, Dan Harvey, Jessie Landis, Gary Grooms, and Joe Pugliano

Also present was Michelle Fielding – CFO/Co-founder Vibe Digital Media.


  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:13 PM by Al Scafati, President.
  2. The May meeting minutes were approved.
  3. A copy of the Treasure’s Report was shared by Al, and was approved.
  4. It was announced that Karl Nurse was unable to attend due to a conflict.
  5. Membership committee – It was reported that Al, George, and Terry had attended the 430 Beacon event and that 11 new members had signed up. Plans are in place to go to Madison 100, and the wish to find an outreach connection at the Florencia was put forth. Membership currently stands at 227 people, 89 households, and 137 memberships.
  6. Michelle Fielding presented analytics on the SPDNA website and Facebook. Best performers include: news/current events; events; preservation topics; pier updates; city council related items; recycling; and 99 Days of Art. Not doing as well: content sharing from other sources. SPDNA has reached 200 likes on FB. It was suggested that we invited people to like the page. A discussion followed about how to attract more people, and how to promote. A further discussion took place about how to increase membership including possible incentives and ways to promote our actions and platforms. It was noted that the SPDNA has a history of being in front of issues, and the desire for the board to continue in this goal. Possible issues include Janus Landing, city planning, building projects, parking, The Pier and Upland planning, DTWMP, and retail. Ways of sharing information and viewpoints were given as Utube, Twitter, Google plus, and posting on Facebook. It was agreed that we would ask Marilyn Olsen to continue to share reports concerning the DYWMP. It was suggested that before the August meeting the board decide on the important issues we want to advocate.
  7. Marketing – Paul Carder discussed the need for a strategy of turning awareness of the SPDNA into memberships. He suggested a mailing to select postal routes as a way to reaching additional households, perhaps beginning with a test run or two in September or October. A discussion also took place about how to organize and the timing of renewals. The need to make connections with additional large condos and apartments was also noted.
  8. The Budget Committee is due to meet in September. Joe Pugliano distributed current financial reports.
  9. Tour of Homes – The need to nail down units for the tour was expressed. Possibilities and assignments were assigned. The deadline for final decisions was put forth as the middle of August. Also to be acquired are discounts for restaurants, wrist bands, transportation, and parking options.
  10. New business – The need to be more involved with Central Avenue Council (CAC) suggested, and that SPDNA should become a member. A motion was made to join, seconded, and passed. It was questioned whether SPDNA should participate with the Central Avenue Solstice on the 26th, and what that involvement would involve. Specific participation is to be determined at a later date.

Gina reported on possible upcoming porch parties. She has been talking with the restaurant Sea Salt, but price and date are still being negotiated.


  1. Meeting adjourned at 9:33 PM.


Next meeting July 9th. Guest Speaker President of the Chamber Chris Steinocher at the Sunshine Center.


These minutes were recorded by Robin O’Dell, secretary on June 11, 2015.