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The DNA Board met on Thursday, June 12, 2014, at Bayfront Center, 1 Beach Drive Southeast, St. Petersburg.

Present: Gary Grooms, president; Sydni Shollenberger, acting secretary; Brian Bailey, Paul Carder, Dan Harvey, George Saltsman, Dan Saginario, Al Scafati

Absent: John Mason, Joe Pugliano, Terry Rimer

Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m.

President Grooms opened the meeting with a motion:

MOTION: Grooms moved, Scafati seconded that the email vote to elect Gina Driscoll to the board of directors be ratified. UNANIMOUS APPROVAL.

Gina Driscoll was present and became a voting member of the board. She volunteered to head the Urban Porch Party effort. ACTION: Sydni Shollenberger will bring Gina into contact with Barbara Riddle and members of the St. Petersburg Preservation board of directors. St. Pete Preservation will partner with DNA for a UPP in November.

There followed the vote a brief discussion on amending the DNA bylaws to allow email voting.ACTION: Sydni Shollenberger was asked by President Grooms to prepare language for this change in the bylaws, along with earlier board-approved changes to the name of the organization and size of the board. The notice must go to membership 14 days before the July General Meeting. ACTION: Brian Bailey will handle the distribution of notice.

Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of treasurer Joe Pugliano, President Grooms presented hard copies of profit and loss statements and balance sheets for March 31 and June 5, 2014; profit and loss statements for March and April 2014 and January through March 2014; and reconiliation summary and details for March 2014. The balance on June 5 was $10,869.86.

MOTION: Scafati moved, Carder seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented. UNANIMOUS APPROVAL.

A discussion on how to keep the membership of DNA informed about the Waterfront Master Plan process and Pier planning ensued. Dan Harvey made a strong case for keeping focus on the Master Plan of which the Pier is just one part. Gary Grooms noted that the kinds of activities to take place on the new Pier will help shape the design. He also noted that placement, with more activities and structure on land versus out in the water, will determine cost.

Marilyn Olsen represents DNA on the Pier Advisory group. She supplied DNA board members with a list of public hearing dates which the group agreed needs to be distributed as soon as possible to DNA members by email. ACTION: Brian Bailey was tasked with distribution of an information piece on Pier planning.

ACTION: Dan Saginario and George Saltsman have agreed to develop a plan with recommended dates and venues for the first annual DNA Awards event, likely in October 2014.

President Grooms presented information on a residential condominium tower that has been proposed for 4th Avenue Northeast. No action was requested or taken.

An extended discussion on the Central Avenue Council took place. The president asked whether representation by DNA to the Council was desired by the board. ACTION: Al Scafati will represent DNA on the Council and bring back information to the group on activities within the Central Avenue Revitaliztion effort.

Paul Carder and guest Jacqueline MacNeil presented information on the outcome of the DNA Tour of Homes and on an application program called Artful.ly (https://wordpress.org/plugins/artfully-widget/ ) Ms. MacNeil uses the program for nonprofit groups she supports.

She and Paul Carder reported the Tour of Homes Survey results: of 80 sent out as Survey Monkey online, 42 were returned. The results indicated surveytakers were very pleased with the event. Suggestions offered will help in planning for the 2015 Tour of Homes. The 2014 event raised approximately $3,000.00.

On the marketing and communications front, it is imperative that DNA members be informed of the next General Meeting in July, including news of what the board has been doing. There must also be swift communication, as noted earlier, to advise members of the Pier public hearings and of amendments to the DNA bylaws to be ratified at the General Meeting. ACTION: Saginario, Carder, Bailey to meet and decide on new content and design of DNA website and general communication with members by email blast, Constant Contact, or other electronic means as well as hard copy distribution.

After discussing numerous subjects and speakers, the consensus was to invite Deputy Mayor Kanika Tomalin to be the speaker at the July 10 General Meeting at Sunshine Center.

ACTION: Dan Saginario volunteered to invite her.

ANNOUCNEMENTS: Paul Carder suggested a possible group activity for DNA at Simple Theatre this summer. Dan Harvey told the group that in order to view preliminary design plans for the Art in Transit project along Central Avenue, members must make arrangements to visit the Mickett-Stackhouse Studio.

MOTION: Carder moved, Scafati seconded that the meeting be adjourned at 9:20 p.m. UNANIMOUS APPROVAL.

Respectfully submitted,

Sydni Ann Shollenberger, APR

Acting Secretary

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