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Present – Tim Baker, President; Peggy Spoor, secretary; Allan Brockway, treasurer; and directors Dick Freeburg, John Harte, Joe Pugliano, Diane Drutowski, Andrew Scherman and Marie Stirling.

Tim Baker called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

Minutes from previous meeting – Peggy Spoor read the minutes from our May meeting. Andrew Scherman moved we accept the minutes as read. There was unanimous agreement.

Guests – none

Treasurer’s Report – Allan Brockway submitted the Treasurer’s Report. There was no change from last month’s report.

Correspondence – none

Committee Reports


Zoning – Tim Clemmons and Tim Baker mapped out all vacant parcels in the downtown area. This map can be viewed on the DNA web site along with the latest on proposed zoning.

Williams Park Task Force – Tim Clemmons and Tim Baker are representing the DNA on this task force. The next meeting will be June 18 from 9a-5p at the Pier. The initial focus is expected to be on the bus station.

Courtyard Tour – Marie Stirling reported that Dan Harvey has offered to donate all food and beverage for our reception as well as the location. Dick Freeburg motioned that we accept Dan HarveyÕs generous offer. John Harte seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Transportation – nothing to report

Homeless Task Force – nothing to report

Membership – 139 members to date

Social – see Courtyard Tour above


Web Site – we are adding to it each month

Newsletter – June newsletter in works in support of our July meeting. July meeting will include a zoning update from Tim Clemmons and a presentation by the Sierra Club on “green cities.”

New Business

Film Festival – John Harte ask the Board to send e-mails in support of opening a Sundance Cinema in St. Petersburg. The Sundance Cinema will be launched by Robert RedfordÕs Sundance Group in select U.S. cities. It will be a theater chain for independent, documentary and foreign language films. It was agreed that we have at least a half-dozen places that would be perfect venues for this prestigious movie theatre chain.

Old Business

Letters – Dick Freeburg will follow-up with the letter drafts promised at our last meeting.

Trees – Diane Drutowski reported that she heard from 3 DNA members on suggested locations for our 10 trees assigned to the DNA. Suggested locations are Mirror Lake and the Library.

Adjourn – the meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Our thanks to Joe Pugliano for hosting us at the UPS Store this month.

Submitted by,

Peggy Spoor


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