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Present – Tim Baker, President ; Allan Brockway, treasurer; Peggy Spoor, secretary; directors Richard Lane, Duane Roberts, Andrew Scherman, Tim Clemmons and Diane Drutowski.

Tim Baker brought the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. and presented the agenda.

Guests – there were no guests present

Minutes of previous meeting – Peggy Spoor read the minutes from the previous meeting. Allan Brockway motioned to approve the minutes as read. Richard Lane seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report – Allan Brockway presented the Treasurers Report


• Tim Baker presented an invitation from the Police Academy.

• Tim Baker reported that Virginia Littrell is concerned about the wall and fence next to Grady Pridgeon development on 4th Street and 3rd Avenue. Tim further reported that plans are for the white house on 3rd Avenue North and 3rd Street to be moved to 5 Avenue North and become a restaurant.

Committee Reports/New Business


• Distribution – Diane Drutowski will head distribution

• Advertising – new rate will be $135.00

Membership – we need a chairman for membership. We had discussion on possibly marketing memberships at the Saturday Morning Marketplace managerÕs booth.

Social – we still need a chairman, however, we agreed that social events will also “happen”, i.e. we will be doing the Courtyard Tour this year on the south side of central as well as the shuffleboard tournament New Year’s Eve.

Courtyard Tour – Peggy Spoor gave an update. Plans are moving forward and firming up for October 16. One of the beneficiaries will be the American Stage’s childrens summer scholarship fund.

Homeless Task Force – Diane Drutowski reported business as usual.

Web site – Allan Brockway noted Tim Baker’s new column on the DNA web site.

Unfinished Business

• Incorporation for new association – Andrew Scherman is working on our incorporation and reported that it should be a simple change from NoDo to DNA.

• Neighborhood grants – Marie Stirling is looking at the possibility of DNA applying for a grant to beautify two interstate feeders into our City – 375 and 175.

New Business – no additional new business reported

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Next DNA meeting will be on April 8th at the Sunshine Center. The Regional Chancellor of USF will be our speaker. Tim Baker suggested that we take an ad in the Neighborhood Times to publicize this event. All agreed.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Spoor


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