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The DNA Board met on Thursday, March 13, 2014, at the UPS Store, 2nd Street South, St. Petersburg.

Present: Gary Grooms, president; Joe Pugliano, treasurer; Sydni Shollenberger, acting secretary; Paul Carder, Terry RImer, George Saltsman, Al Scafati

Absent: Brian Bailey, Dan Harvey, John Mason, Barbara Riddle, Dan Saginario

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report: The president distributed hard copies of financials and bank statements for all of calendar year 2013 and January, February, and to date for 2014. This was in addition to the documents sent to members electronically. A discussion ensued including the need to set a budget. ACTION: Terry RImer and Paul Carder agreed to work with the treasurer in providing estimated budget numbers for the DNA Tour of Homes event. There was also comment on why the membership dues are down from the same period as last year by $1500 and there are fewer members or membership households. Methods of reaching lapsed members and attracting new ones were discussed.

MOTION: Sydni Shollenberger moved, George Saltsman seconded that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Unanimous approval.

The president called for any changes to the February minutes. Sydni Shollenberger raised the question of noting ayes and nays on votes that are not unanimous. We determined that Robert’s Rules states that the way to register no and yes votes is for a member to call for a roll call vote. In that way, the individual names are listed as ayes or nays.

MOTION: Paul Carder moved, Terry RImer seconded that the minutes of the February 13, 2014, meeting be approved as circulated. Unanimous approval.

Terry Rimer presented a written report on the number of attendees, no shows, membership renewals, new memberships, and cash received at the March 12 Urban Porch Party at Rococo.

Paul Carder reported on Chamber of Commerce membership benefits open to all DNA board members. Recommendation is that board members select one of the Chamber’s

Interest groups, such as Pier Advisory, Transportation, Waterfront Master Plan, Diversity, and so on, to meet others, hear other views, and express DNA’s positions.

President Grooms asked members for their conflict of interest consent forms.

The president informed the board that he had information on the City of St. Petersburg’s continuing effort to seek the Army Corps of Engineers permit to demolish the approach to the existing Pier and all of the structure except for 5 caissons left in the water for a future structure to replace the Pier building.. ACTION: Sydni Shollenberger agreed to write to Councilman Karl Nurse to find out why the City is proceeding in this fashion. She will work with the president on the wording and content.

ACTION: Al Scafati agreed to write a letter praising DDA Development, the company that built Campbell Landings, an affordable housing project at 6th Avenue and 4th Street South, for their work.

DNA Awards event: Paul Carder suggested this as a possible second major fundraising event for DNA. Someone is needed to explore and flesh out the idea. ACTION: George Saltsman agreed to head this part of the project and will consult with Dan Saginario, who is experienced with this sort of event.

In discussing the April general meeting at Al Lang Stadium with the Rowdies organization, the issue was raised of three major DNA events within a six-week period—April 10 general meeting, May 7 UPP, and May 24 Tour of Homes. Later in the meeting, a motion was made to rectify the cluster of events.

Paul Carder and Terry Rimer reported on the Tour of Homes on May 24 from 1 to 5 p.m. Five, possibly six, buildings downtown will be on the tour. Details of the homes to be open will be handled by Smith & Associates who are doing the majority of the work. DNA will sell tickets and manage reservations and assurance that those visiting the homes are part of the tour. This event is a fundraiser for DNA.

Al Scafati, as political liaison for DNA, reported that he had talked with Councilman Nurse about the control of noise coming from the music in downtown establishments well past the 11 p.m. or midnight City ordinance-dictated end time. That led to a long discussion on ways to demonstrate by the numbers how many times police had been called to deliver a citation to an establishment.

MOTION: Gary Grooms moved, Al Scafati seconded that the UPP in May be moved to June and the June venue should be other than the one tentatively set for May. Passed.

Paul Carder asked whether the issues raised by Sydni Shollenberger in a letter to the board should be addressed. The conflict of interest concerns about the agreement with RKC were discussed and the prevailing opinion was that no conflict exists.

The discussion led to asking that ACTION: Brian Bailey present to the board at the May 8 meeting his communications and marketing plan going forward. The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sydni Ann Shollenberger Acting for Secretary Barbara Riddle

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