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Meeting (at 1425 Central Avenue) was called to order at 7:06pm.

Present: Bailey, Belovitz, Carder, Grooms, Harvey, Hirschman, Meckler, Olsen, Pugliano (late), Riddle-Dvorak, Rimer, Saltsman. Tim Baker also attended.

The Treasurer’s Report was distributed. The budget presented will be revised to reflect changes in UPP and advertising income. It was noted that the Association had contributed $1,000 to the fund to support the ULI Waterfront Study. Subsequently Joe Pugliano offered to assist the Treasurer; offer accepted.

Minutes of the February meeting as posted on the website were approved.

The current website was discussed, with agreement that the content was strong but the design could use improvement. Bob Mattiko and Brian Bailey will review the website and present recommended changes at the next Board meeting. There was subsequent discussion about advertising on the website – Bob and Brian will consider and include in their report.

The Cultural Arts report referenced the desire for a piece of public art between the Dali and the Mahaffey and, mentioned several current and upcoming events. (The website advertising discussion will consider the possibility of charging cultural, and perhaps other, organizations for a link on the DNA website.)

The report on the Urban Porch Parties began with the success of the mini-block party on Central held March 13 and identified several possible improvements. It was noted that a change in the financials would be implemented to better cover the costs of the Porch Parties and avoid overpayments to the vendors. It was also suggested that the food suppliers might want to showcase their better items instead of providing lower cost items within the $10 “ticket”.

The report on the Edge District highlighted the availability of TIF funding (approximately $500,000 per year) and the plans for Intown Development West as well as the plans for Central Connect and the $1.6 million available for that project. Developments on the Police Headquarters are being followed as is the developing transportation plan.

The Mirror Lake report covered a request from a resident that the DNA support a no-smoking ban in the Mirror Lake Park. This prompted a discussion regarding the homeless issues and drug dealing around the Lake. A clarification of the issues and a recommendation for action is to be tabled at the next meeting.

A report on the CONA workshop will be available for review and will be discussed at the next meeting.

The Waterfront Master Plan report discussed the fund-raising necessary for the ULI study (see item above re: DNA contribution) and the next steps: panel date set, steering committee questions and interview candidates determined.

It was noted that the Noise Ordinance was being enforced. There seems to be some reluctance on the part of residents to follow the process necessary to file a complaint.

Concern was raised about the bad publicity surrounding Williams Park and the effect on Downtown. A spirited discussion followed regarding the nature of the problem and possible solutions. It was agreed to form a committee (Brian and Barb) to establish some objectives for the DNA and a recommended course of action.

A request for demolition of a portion of the Bishop’s Hotel was tabled for discussion. As there was a lack of clarity around the required process it was decided to contact Peter Belmont for guidance but to oppose the request unless it was determined that due process had been followed.

The situation at Albert Whitted Airport (sequester resulting in no air traffic control staffing) was raised for discussion. The President will send an email to the membership raising the issue and askng them to comment to elected officials if they feel so inclined.

The April General Meeting was announced for April 11 at the Sunshine Center. The main item on the agenda will be a presentation regarding bicycles and pedestrians by Cheryl Stacks of the City.

It was agreed to print 120 brochures for use promoting in the Association in the various buildings in the area as well as general needs. (A hope was expressed that a redesign of the brochure could take place in conjunction with the website re-design.)

Meeting was adjourned at 8:27 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul C. Carder


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