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Present: Marilyn Olsen, president; Lottie Belovitz, treasurer; Tim Brown, secretary; and board members Timothy J Baker, Joe Pugliano, and William Walsh.

– The minutes of the December and February meetings were approved as posted on the web site

– There was a discussion of contracting with Ideal Publishing to sell advertising for and print the quarterly newsletter. Ideal would retain all revenue from ad sales, and in return print and distribute the newsletter. Mr. Baker and Ms. Olsen will continue discussions with a representative of Ideal. Also discussed was the need to expand communications via social media. (Subsequent to the meeting, the board agreed via email vote to contract for one year with Ideal.)

-Waterfront Master Plan Response- More specific goals are needed for the City Plan. Tim Clemmons and Gary Grooms will schedule another meeting with the city.

-As noted by Timothy J Baker the current membership is 100 households and 69 individuals with a total of 269 people represented by DNA

-No other New Business

– Meeting adjourned at 8 P. M.

Submitted by Tim Brown, Secretary

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