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The Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association met at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 12, at the Florencia condominium.

Present were Marilyn Olsen, president; Timothy J. Baker, secretary; Peter Stanhope, treasurer; and directors John Belovitz, Bill Walsh, Gary Grooms and Tim Clemmons.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved, on a motion by Mr. Belovitz, seconded by Mr. Walsh.

Guest – City Council member Karl Nurse spoke to the board about a proposal he has made to council to place limits on the serving of free meals to the homeless and others in public parks. Mr. Nurse wants the council to adopt an ordinance, based on one that is used in Orlando, that would require permits for any group that feeds more than 25 people more than twice a year. Mr. Baker moved that DNA support Mr. Nurse’s proposal. After some discussion, the motion was tabled for further study later.

Mr. Nurse was asked about the city’s support for improving Mirror Lake. He said he believes that there is money in the upcoming budget year for various improvements.

Newsletter – Mr. Baker reported on discussions he has had with the Post Office about various methods of mailing the newsletter. He said that we could avoid the drudgery of sealing the newsletters with round tabs if we mail unfolded newsletters. The cost goes up about 10 cents per piece for postage, but that increase would be partly offset by the cost of folding the newsletter and buying the tabs. The board agreed to change methods.

Porch Party – Ms. Olsen reported that the next Urban Porch Party would be on June 8, at a location to be determined.

Planning Committee – Mr. Clemmons updated the board on the city’s planning process for a new Pier. Also, he reminded the board that DNA would be making a presentation to City Council on June 2 about our proposal for a Waterfrnot master paln.

Membership – Mr. Belovitz reported that the current membership included 78 individuals and 115 households, for a total of 308 people.

CONA – Mr. Grooms told the board that recent meetings of the Council of Neighborhood Associations board have not been productive and he questioned the value of continuing to attend. Mr. Clemmons reported on CONA’s energy committee, which he believes is working well.

Parking Lots – Ms. Olsen updated the board on the progress of new regulations on surface parking lots downtown.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:30 p.m.

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Timothy J. Baker


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