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Present: Tim Baker, President; Peggy Spoor, Secretary; Tim Clemmons, Richard Freeberg, Joe Pugliano.

Note: We did not have an quorum so could not conduct official DNA business.

Minutes from previous meeting – not read due to unofficial meeting.

Guests – none

Treasurer’s Report – not available as Allan Brockway was out of town.


Letter from Jean Totti – she is interested in joining the DNA and participating in beautification projects. Tim Baker will refer her to Marie Stirling who is working on a beautification grant for the DNA.

E-mail from Virginia Littrell. – Virginia would like our help in lobbying to change a new fence ordinance due to the fence issue with Grady Pridgeon. Tim will be e-mailing the Board asking for approval to support Virginia and if approved, will send her a letter authorizing DNA’s support.

Letter from the Sunshine Center – the letter asks if they can count on us again for a sponsorship to help them with the Thanksgiving dinners they provide for low income citizens. We discussed and will vote on our participation at our next Board meeting.

Committee Reports

• Courtyard Tour – Peggy Spoor gave an update on our Fall Courtyard Tour October 16. Still looking for location for our wine and cheese party.

• Neighborhood Grants – Marie Stirling not present to provide report.

• City Planning – the LDR (Land Development Regulations) are going into final phase which drives the rewriting of all zoning.

• Transportation: Looper issue – still lobbying to have the looper bus go to the baseball games and operate as a stadium bus.

• Homeless Task Force – Diane Drutowski not present to provide update.

• Membership – we still need a membership chairman.

• Social – the only social event we have currently is our Fall Courtyard Tour.

Communications: large newsletter coming out at the end of June. Diane, our communications chairman, will need help from the Board due to volume.

New Business

• Parking – Dick Freeburg noted that there are various dirt parking lots throughout the City. If they are permanent parking lots, an ordinance provides that they will be paved and landscaped. Suggestion is that we encourage the owners of the dirt lots either pave and landscape them or develop them. We agreed to address one lot at a time to better understand the process. Tim Baker will check on the status of the current permit for the lot at Central between 1st and 2nd Street which will be our initial focus.

Old Business – none



Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Spoor


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