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The DNA Board met on Thursday, May 8, 2014, at the UPS Store, 200 2nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg.

Present: Gary Grooms, president; Joe Pugliano, treasurer; Sydni Shollenberger, acting secretary; Brian Bailey, Paul Carder, Dan Harvey, John Mason, George Saltsman, Al Scafati

Absent: Dan Saginario

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Treasurer’s Report: Joe Pugliano repoted that he had written only two checks since the March board meeting, both of them for the RKC contract at $325 per month for a total of $650 outlay. There was no report of any deposits.

The president presented a bill from the U.S. Postal Service for renewal of DNA’s post office box. Joe Pugliano offered to give DNA a free mail box at his UPS Store.

MOTION: Sydni Shollenberger moved, John Mason seconded that the official mailing address be moved from the P.O. box to 200 2nd Avenue South, Number 101, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Unanimous approval.

The president called for any changes to the March minutes. Sydni Shollenberger circulated hard copies of minutes which had been emailed to all board members shortly after the March meeting.

MOTION: John Mason moved, George Saltsman seconded that the minutes of the March 13, 2014, meeting be approved as circulated. Unanimous approval.

A lengthy discussion ensued on the type, number, and name for social events sponsored by DNA. The president asked for a volunteer to plan the next Urban Porch Party (UPP). When no one volunteered after several possible venues were discussed, the suggestion was made that the events simply be social events, each standing on its own. For 2014, the first event was a March UPP at Rococo. The Downtown Tour of Homes will take place on May 24. Currently, an event focused on the historic Mirror Lake neighborhood downtown is set for November 6 in partnership with St. Petersburg Preservation. The fourth event would be a still-to-be-defined and scheduled DNA Awards. At the March meeting, George Saltsman agreed to work on developing a plan for an Awards event. (From the March 2014 board minutes: DNA Awards event: Paul Carder suggested this as a possible second major fundraising event for DNA. Someone is needed to explore and flesh out the idea. ACTION: George Saltsman agreed to head this part of the project and will consult with Dan Saginario, who is experienced with this sort of event.)

Following the event discussion, the board turned to the subject of the Waterfront Master Plan and the process by which design and function of a new iteration of The Pier will be decided by the City.

Dan Harvey said that he will attend all meetings related to both. Paul Carder, who later announced Chamber of Commerce meetings on the Waterfront Master Plan and Pier, raised questions on whether the process announced by the City will bring the public into the planning process any more effectively than the failed effort.

The president suggested that what the public wants by way of amenities at The Pier and whether the uplands will be used instead of extending construction over the water should be starting points before the City requests proposals for Pier design.

The consensus following discussion was that the DNA board needs to take a stand on the process underway for the Waterfront Master Plan and new iteration of The Pier. This will involve polling DNA members and other residents of downtown, beginning with an article on the website explaining the process underway and pointing out the advantages and shortcomings of the process.

Board member Brian Bailey was asked to explore using the website for this purpose as soon as possible. He said he would begin by asking Marilyn Olsen, who represents DNA on the DowntownWaterfront Master Plan Task Force, for information on the process that has been recommended by the Mayor.

On April 30, Paul Carder circulated to the board a proposed amendment to increase the number of DNA board members to 15.

MOTION: Paul Carder moved, John Mason seconded that the proposed amendment to expand board membership up to 15 members be adopted. Unanimous approval.

Paul noted that, according to the DNA Bylaws, the amendment would also need to be voted on by members at the general meeting in July, meaning that members should be sent notice of the proposed amendment a minimum of 5 days before the meeting (Article X of Bylaws)

Paul Carder presented a DNA Marketing Plan developed with board members Brian Bailey and Dan Saginario.

MOTION: Sydni Shollenberger moved, George Saltsman seconded, that the board accept the Marketing Plan’s recommendationto change the name officially from Downtown Neighborhood Association to St. Petersburg Downtown Neighborhood Association, with the official short version to be St. Pete DNA . Unanimous approval.

Paul Carder reported on the work he and board member Terry Rimer had been doing in planning and organizing for the May 24 Downtown Tour of Homes. He said posters , flyers, and emaiilable materials would be available and would be circulated to board members to distribute and send to their own contact lists.

A discussion commenced on the perception that DNA was partnering or co-sponsoring an event with a real estate firm or any commercial enterprise. The subject of partnering, sponsorships, and in association with other groups may need to be covered at a subsequent DNA board meeting.

John Mason presented work that he had done on the developing a plan for actionable items on “Quality of Life & Noise” in downtown St. Petersburg. He is working with a small committee and asked the board to review the material he has compiled and send or call him with suggestions or comments.

Terry Rimer asked for clarification on the board’s current group email: it has changed from a yahoo.com group to a google group: stpetednaboard@googlegroups.com

President Grooms asked for suggestions on the topic for the July general meeting. Dan Harvey suggested the Arts in Transit team of designers who are creating public art from the beaches along Central Avenue into downtown St. Petersburg.

MOTION: Dan Harvey moved, Gary Grooms seconded that the Art in Transit team of Robert Stackhouse, Carol Mickett, and Thaddeus Root be invited to present at the Thursday, July 10 genereal meeting. Unanimous approval.

MOTION: John Mason moved, Gary Grooms seconded that the meeting adjourn.

Unanimous approval.


The meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sydni Ann Shollenberger, Acting Secretary

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