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Board Minutes November 10, 2005

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Present: Tim Baker, President; Peggy Spoor, secretary; Allan Brockway, treasurer; Dick Freeburg, John Harte, Joe Pugliano, Diane Drutowski and Andrew Scherman, directors.

Tim Baker called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes from previous meeting – Allan Brockway moved we accept the minutes as posted on our DNA website. Dick Freeburg seconded the motion. There was unanimous agreement.

Guests – none

Treasurer’s Report – Allan Brockway submitted the Treasurer’s Report. Based on the excellent results of our 2005 Courtyard Tour, Allan Brockway moved that we donate $2,000.00 to the Resurrection House which is the amount we generated from our silent auction. Andrew seconded the motion. A voted was taken and the motion passed unanimously. The Treasurer’s Report can be found on our DNA website.

Correspondence – none

Committee Reports

Planning – Tim Baker reported that we were given 1.5 hours to present our concerns with proposed zoning to the City Hall which includes all departments head involved within planning and zoning. We have received word that City Hall is accepting much of our proposal as submitted. You may find the Planning Committee’s proposals on the DNA website.

Transportation – nothing to report

Homeless Task Force – Dick Freeburg presented a copy of an e-mail he has sent to the City Action Line regarding his concern with the increased presence of homeless people along the waterfront. He received a response that we do not have an ordinance that prohibits people from sleeping on public property, however, people are not allowed in City parks after closing. Diane suggested that it is important that we call police consistently to report the problem and stay vocal at City Hall. We discussed the possibility of inviting Leslie Curran and Ernest Williams to one of our January general meeting to discuss a variety of topics important to downtownÉ.one of them being homelessness. Dick Freeburg will replace Diane Drutkowski as our representative on the homeless task force.

Membership – 151 members to date

Social – 2005 Fall Courtyard Tour completed and successful. See report above.

Newsletter – December newsletter due.

New Business

Pollution – John Harte noted the increase in air pollution throughout the City due to new construction. It was also noted that the City seems to be closing off sidewalks and public access at will. Tim Baker believes that the Planning Committee could address these concerns.

First Night – DNA will not participate this year.

2006 Annual meeting will take place on Thursday, January 12 at the Sunshine Center.

DNA Election for 2006 – most current Board members have stated they will run again in 2006. We’re hoping to have some new members as well.

December 8th DNA Board meeting will take place at Bayfront Towers where we will be the guest of Dick Freeburg for a Holiday get together.

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Peggy Spoor

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