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Board Minutes November 10, 2011

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The board of directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association met at 7 p.m. Thursday, November 10, in the public room at the Florencia.

Present were: Marilyn Olsen, president; Timothy J. Baker, secretary; and board members Allan Brockway, Bill Walsh, Bill Stokes, Gary Grooms, Tim Clemmons and Marlys Meckler. Absent were Peter Stanhope, treasurer; Joe Pugliano and Peter Belmont.

The minutes from the August meeting were approved as posted on the DNA web site.

There was no treasurer’s report.

Gary Grooms reported to the board on the annual Presidents Meeting of the Council of Neighborhood Associations.

Bill Stokes reported on a meeting with City Council member Karl Nurse to discuss code-enforcement issues. Much of what was discussed was not relevant to Downtown, he reported.

Mr. Stokes as chair of the beautification committee had nothing new to report. But, the board did discuss the possibility of creating beautification goals of the entire neighborhood, much as DNA had developed goals for the waterfront. Among the ideas that came up were burying the blue meters that until recently were required to be above ground; creating more green space in the south half of the neighborhood, etc.

Ms. Olsen reported that the city was not enforcing the existing noise ordinance, as it had been challenged in court and the city wants to see the outcome of that suit.

Gary Grooms and Allan Brockway were designated to act as the nominating committee for the upcoming January board election. Tim Clemmons moved and Marlys Meckler seconded a motion to appoint Tim Brown as a board member and secretary. The motion was approved by a unanimous vote.

There was a discussion about appointing Cheryl Banks, a DNA member but non-resident, as the association bookkeeper.

Bill Walsh reported on a low-income housing project that has been proposed for the south half of the St. Petersburg Times parking lot near the Sage. The project would include a “homeless portal,” where homeless people could come for information and referrals about available services. Tim Baker moved and Bill Walsh seconded a motion that Ms. Olsen or her designee be authorized to work with affected residents to investigate the project. Concerns were expressed about coupling low-income housing with the homeless, which are two very different constituencies. The motion passed, with an abstention from Tim Clemmons, who is involved in a separate low-income housing project that might be competing for public funds.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Note: Between board meetings, Ms. Olsen found two candidates for the board to fill vacancies. The two people, Lottie Belovitz and Tim Brown, were approved by e-mail votes of the board. For the remainder of the year, Ms. Belovitz will serve as treasurer, replacing Peter Stanhope, who left the board. Mr. Brown will serve as secretary. Both will be candidates for election to a full term in January.

Timothy J. Baker


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