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Board Minutes November 12, 2014

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DNA Board of Directors Meeting, November 12, 2014

Meeting was called to order by Gary Grooms, President, at 7:04 PM.

In attendance were Gary Grooms, Al Scafati, Gina Driscol, Terry Rimer, Dan Harvey, Paul Carder, Joe Pugliano, Dan Saginario, Mark Ferrulo, and Robin O’Dell.

• The Treasurer’s Report including a Profit and Loss-January through October 2014, Balance Sheet, and Profit and Loss-October, was distributed. After some clarification, a motion was made by Gina Driscol to approve. This was seconded by Terry Rimer, and approved.

• A motion was made by Al Scafati to approve the October minutes, was seconded by Paul Carder, and was approved.

• A discussion was undertaken about the Pier design competition, including possible criteria for selection, and whether any action should be taken by the board. It was concluded that the board should encourage participation in the voting, and offer guidance and leadership. It was agreed that this topic will be re-addressed after the city announces the next round of approved finalists.

• Gary Grooms, current president, declared that due to a possible conflict of interest in several issues including the Pier competition and possible Bliss condominium controversy, he would like to recuse himself from office. Discussion then ensued about the need for a new president and additional board members. Brian Bailey has left the board, so there is the need for an additional three members. Election is in January. Especially needed are a writer, CPA, and someone familiar with municipal law.

• Gina reported on the DNA Choice Awards. Price is to be $25. Sponsors are needed to help with costs. Dan S. handed out an update overview, which was accepted with the one alteration of the reduction to only two categories of “Work” awards.

• Karl Nurse, City Council member representing most of downtown, arrived and agreed to speak on several topics of interest. Regarding mass transit, Nurse said that the council is considering whether to try a half-cent initiative next year or wait until 2016 elections. He announced that the council had approved $200,000 for the arts, and that they were waiting for Wayne Atherholt to take office on December 1st to decide how the funds will be distributed. Nurse reported that the DWMP process was going well. He also spoke on the continuing problem of noise and possible solutions. Nurse spoke on the announced possibility of a new museum to be built by Tom James and that the council is encouraging James to choose a site further west than the current museums. He also announced the possibility of a 50 million dollar John Hopkins research lab to be built if details can be worked out. Finally, he announced that the Pier process is going well, and that he doesn’t yet know how the voting process will be set up.

• A short discussion of the DNA Tour of Homes project took place. It was confirmed that the next Tour of Homes would be planned for fall of 2015.

• The January meeting will feature the Kolter Project on the Tropicana Block, and a short discussion took place about how the board should address planning and design issues.

• Dan S. demonstrated the newly designed website. Board members will be sent a link to access the site and offer suggestions and corrections by December 1st. Paul spoke about a new firm (WebFuz) that could be hired to clean up, finish designing and maintain the website. A motion was made to hire the firm, but it was decided that Paul and Dan would meet with Webfuz next week to facilitate an agreement first.

• Gina moved that the meeting be adjourned, Gary seconded, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:29 PM.

These minutes were recorded by Robin O’Dell, secretary.

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