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Board Minutes November 14, 2013

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DNA Board Meeting
November 14, 2013
Bayfront Towers

Meeting was called to order at 7:02pm.

Present: Bailey, Belovitz, Carder, Grooms, Harvey, Hirschman, Meckler, Olsen, Riddle-Dvorak, Pugliano, Rimer, Saltsman

The Treasurer’s Report was tabled. A new budget will be developed for 2014 based on “status quo” with two changes: advertising revenue will be removed; there will be no major donation budgeted. It was agreed that Porch Parties will be at a “break-even” budget and will be broken out in detail as well as appearing in the consolidated statement. The budget will be presented at the December Board meeting.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as submitted.

President’s Report:

– Reviewed Venetian Condo variance request. By motion duly made and seconded the Board will not support the variance request.
- The Jannus Landing historical designation discussion was postponed.
- The Board by motion duly made and seconded voted to support the variance request from the Arts and Crafts Museum with the caveat that the 5 foot-setback wall be a “living wall”.
- Recruiting in the condo buildings was discussed and will be included as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.
- It was agreed to pursue the possibility of a booth, in January, at the Saturday Morning Market . George will follow up with Market personnel.

It was announced that the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan consultant search has been delayed.

There was considerable discussion regarding goals for next year.

It was agreed to set a target of doubling the membership next year and to form several Board committees. Brian will head up a Marketing Committee with Barbara, Joe and a new Board member as members. Several other possibilities were suggested – they will be confirmed at the next appropriate Board meeting. Terry will bring a slate to the meeting based on her suggestions.

Several members suggested that the DNA take a more active advocacy role dealing with major downtown issues (e.g. various parts of the Waterfront Plan, Greenlight Pinellas, Central Avenue plans, etc.) This discussion will be continued in the New Year.

It was agreed to pursue a presentation re: the new Arts and Crafts Museum for the January 9 meeting. Paul will contact Alfonso Architects to arrange.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul C. Carder, Secretary

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