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Board Minutes September 10, 2015

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SPDNA Meeting – September 10th, 2015

Present: Al Scafati, Paul Carder, Gina Driscoll, Mark Ferrulo, John Mason, Dan Harvey, Gary Grooms, Terry Rimer
Also present: Karl Nurse – City Council
1. Meeting called to order at 7:12 PM by Al Scafati, President.
2. August Board Meeting minutes and Treasurer’s Report approved.
3. Karl Nurse provided the Board an update on the following:
a. City budget hearing approved a new 29’ air-conditioned Looper vehicle. Initially, it will be trialed down Central and First to Bayshore on Fri-Sat to offer free parking garage drop-offs. PSTA working on a comprehensive, uniform plan for its use once Pier Park is completed.
b. Sanitary sewer study in process related to recent overflow issue. Eckerd College’s opposition to new silo is delaying process. City will spend $4M annually to complete long overdue repairs/replacements to our sewage infrastructure, but that amount may not be enough before major defects cause collapse. Nurse is of the opinion that the budget should be doubled due to weakening infrastructure.
c. A revised noise ordinance is being drafted utilizing the expertise of sound engineers. New ordinance will affect establishments who use outdoor speakers past 11 p.m. as they will need to file a sound mitigation plan.
d. Formation of the specialized downtown police force of 12 officers is underway. The Police Department is asking for volunteers for a two year downtown commitment. Currently there are 522 officers certified to ride alone, most with less than 10 years’ experience and 115 who are eligible for retirement. There is budget money to expand to 562. Based on population there should have at least 550. Process will take time. Department also trying to address the ethnic balance of the force to better reflect that of the city’s population.
e. Grand Prix race contract extended for 2016-2017. If extended past 2017, there will be other stipulations in the negotiation to address longer lead time for the race date and access points for the days leading up to the race.
4. Paul Carder, Marketing Committee Chair, provided update on the membership mailer and the Tour of Homes communication plan and collateral material. Membership mailer will use separate URL so we can track the effectiveness of the mailer.
5. Gary Grooms, Tour of Homes Committee Chair, provided an update on the Tour of Homes scheduled for 10/24 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. There will be 10-11 units on the Tour, with only one a duplicate from the May 2014 event. Sign-in will be at the Yacht Club so brochures will only be needed there. There will be two shuttles sponsored by DDA Development and Mesh Architecture. Shuttle stop closest to the Yacht Club is at Bayfront Tower. Shuttles will stop at all buildings. Shuttles will be manned by sponsor representatives. There will be water on the shuttles. Grooms suggested that a SPDNA volunteer ride the shuttle to make sure everything is in order. Restaurant sponsors are lined up (Westphal’s restaurants, Z-Grille, and Gratzzi). All buildings will be manned by their own residents with the exception that Smith & Associates will be at the Sage.
6. Dan Harvey provided an update on the Central Avenue Council, including the background of how the 2008 Central Avenue Revitalization Plan morphed into the CAC after the formation of 7 discrete districts along Central Avenue. SPDNA now a voting member of CAC, as is the Warehouse Arts District. Al Scafati will represent SPDNA at CAC meeting, with Mark Ferrulo as alternate back-up. CAC has a lot of work to be done and has struggled of late to get a quorum at meetings (2nd Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. chaired by Tami Simms).
7. Dan Harvey donated $250 for SPDNA for Central Avenue Solstice event the last weekend of September. Gary Grooms will host a Tai Chi event at Sundial on behalf SPDNA.
8. 2016 Sunshine Awards will be chaired by Dan Saginario. His committee will have their
first meeting in early November.
9. Gina Driscoll provided a summary of the upcoming Mirror Lake clean-up event; 18
volunteer thus far and $35 in donations.
10. Kanika Tomlin has been confirmed to speak at October 10th General Meeting.
11. There was a discussion about filing as a 501C3 or 501C4 as opposed to a Not-For-Profit
organization. Mark Ferrulo will research and present recommendation at November
12. Terry Rimer agreed to Chair Board Election Committee. We need to elect a 3-person
Election Committee at the October General meeting, followed within 10 days by e-mail to
the membership.
13. Al Scafati suggested that SPDNA be part of the Williams Park advisory panel and take a
leadership role next spring after bus routes are relocated. Al is in touch with Mike Dove
and Mike Jeffries on this topic.
14. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.
These minutes were recorded by Terry Rimer, September10th, 2015.