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Board Minutes September 11, 2014

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Minutes for DNA Board of Directors Meeting – Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM

In attendance were: Gary Grooms, President; Joe Pugliano, Treasurer; and Directors Gina Driscoll, Dan Saginario, Paul Carder, Mark Ferrulo, Al Scafati, George Saltsman, Dan Harvey, and Robin O’Dell (newly appointed Secretary).

• Joe Pugliano presented the Treasurer’s report. A clarification of the recordings of membership versus funds for events like the house tour was discussed. A motion to approve the report was offered by Dan Saginario, seconded by Mark Ferrulo, and approved by vote.

• The minutes of the August meeting were submitted for approval. Joe Pugliano moved that they be accepted as written, a second was offered by Gina Driscoll, and approved by vote.

• Gary Grooms, who offered to resign or be recused due to possible conflict of interest, led a discussion of the Pier Design Competition. It was decided that Paul Carder would act as a spokesperson for this issue, and that Gary would be recused during future discussion and/or decisions if his company should be chosen as a finalist. Further discussion enfolded about the role of DNA to promote people to vote, and ways to engage the membership on this topic.

• The Downtown Waterfront Masterplan process was discussed. Topics of discussion were uses for Al Lang Stadium, economic possibilities, and AECOM presentations and tours.

• After discussion on the merits of Greenlight Pinellas, a motion was made to support Greenlight by Gary Grooms and seconded by Joe Pugliano. After further discussion, the motion was tabled by Mark Ferulo in order to ensure we had more information and to hear both sides. This was seconded by Dan Harvey. This issue to be further addressed after the October 9th presentation at the DNA general meeting.

• A hearty thank you was given to Gina Driscoll for the successful Pooch Party. A total of 57 tickets were sold, and the vendors expressed a positive response. Discussed was whether there was a way to procure more prepaid numbers, and possible upcoming events.

• Paul Carder, sitting in for Brian Bailey, presented a newly designed DNA logo. After discussion, George Saltsman made a motion to accept the logo and website design as presented. Joe Pugliano offered a second, and it was approved. A discussion followed about the website design, marketing, social networking, and who would be responsible for content and functionality. The possibility of purchasing ad space within an I Love the Burg direct mailing was discussed. A motion was made by Joe Pugliano to table this decision until the new website was fully functioning. The issue was seconded by Gina Driscoll and passed unanimously.

• Dan Saginario shared his committee’s latest ideas for the DNA awards. The categories are to be expanded to between nine and twelve categories, still based on the Live/Work/Play themes. Voting is to be open to anyone who lives, works, or plays downtown. Dates, venues, categories, logo, title, and possible nominations will be presented at the November meeting.

• Al Scafati gave the report on quality of life issues regarding bicycles versus pedestrians. It was decided that cards would be available for participants to write questions in the Oct. 9 Greenlight Pinellas meeting. In her absence, it was decided that Terry Rimer would be responsible for creating the cards.

• The January 8, 2015 election during the general meeting was discussed. The need for a compelling program was acknowledged, and that Terry Rimer would head up the nominating committee.

• Dan Harvey offered an update on the Bill Edwards role in Al Lang Field.

• George Saltsman made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Al Scafati, and the meeting was adjourned at 9:36 pm.

Robin O’Dell, secretary, recorded these minutes.

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