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Board Minutes September 12, 2013

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1425 Central Avenue

MINUTES (Rev. 1)

Meeting was called to order at 7:02pm.

Present: Belovitz, Carder, Grooms, Harvey, Hirschman, Meckler, Olsen, Riddle-Dvorak, Pugliano, Rimer.

Guests: Chan Srinivasa, Tony Casoria, James Olson, Alex Duensing,

The Treasurer’s Report was tabled and discussed. It was agreed that the new format was a great improvement and would be continued on a cash basis. A new budget will be developed for 2014.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Barbara and our guests presented an outline of a program for the revitalization of Williams Park. It was noted that a variety of City departments and others would have to be involved in any changes/improvements to the Park and many stakeholders should be involved. Susie Ajoc who heads up Community Services at the City will be contacted by Chan Srinivasa to set up a stakeholders’ meeting to begin the process. The task force was commended for their efforts.

Marilyn reported on the current status of the ULI part of the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan process. The panel will arrive on September 29th for an intensive week of study and will report their oral findings on October 4 at 8:30am. They will send a draft report to the City for comments and will produce a final report 60-90 days following. This final report will then go to the consultants who will be charged with producing the final plan.

There was considerable discussion as to the DNA’s representation before the ULI panel. Gary will seek to clarify whether we will be heard in conjunction with other Associations and whether DNA can have more than one representative participate.

Upon a motion duly made and seconded it was agreed to rescind the previous meeting’s action changing the pricing structure for Urban Porch Parties. Members will be charged $10 and non-members $15 whether they book in advance or not; non-members who join at the event will be charged the member’s price.

The subject for the October general meeting was discussed. It was agreed that the Pier (originally slated) would not be the subject; Gary will attempt to arrange a report based on the ULI October 4 study report.

Dan reported that the Edge district initiative was still alive and the discussion around funding continues.

It was announced that the Mirror Lake revitalization project was approved and funded and will likely begin late November to be completed in February.

Terry volunteered to head up a nominating committee to recruit potential Board members for 2014.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul C. Carder, Secretary

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