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Board Minutes September 8, 2005

By September 8, 2005 Board Meeting Minutes No Comments

UPS Store – Second Street South

Present – Tim Baker, President; Allan Brockway, treasurer; Diane Drutowski, acting secretary; directors Joe Pugliano, Andrew Scherman and Marie Stirling.

Tim Baker called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Minutes from previous meeting – Andrew Scherman moved we accept the minutes as published on the web site. There was unanimous agreement.

Guests – none

Treasurer’s Report – Allan Brockway submitted the Treasurer’s Report dated June-August 2005 with a checking balance of $2644.66. Andrew Scherman moved we approve the Treasurer’s Report. There was unanimous agreement.


Allan Brockway and Tim Baker have entered DNA in the annual neighborhood partnership contest, for the newsletter and web site categories.

Tim Baker is contacting city council candidates for the October general meeting.

Committee Reports


Planning – Tim Clemmons and Tim Baker made a 90-minute presentation about the proposed zoning regulations to city officials. The city will put off decisions for six months.


Problems with Parkshore Plaza were discussed, including alley access, deliveries, valet parking and dumpsters. Allan Brockway attended a preliminary meeting to identify these issues. We will try to have a meeting with the city transportation and parking departments.

The city’s transportation director wants to work on a neighborhood transportation plan with DNA.

C. Membership – There are 144 paid members per the Treasurer’s Report.

D. Courtyard Tour

The itinerary is set: art museum, history museum, Bayfront Tower, Townview Condos, and Chateau France. Marie Stirling reported that we have lots of auction items and two sponsors.

Ticket sales will start soon.

We will have a booth at the Saturday Morning Market on October 14 and 21. We are preparing a map, brochure and a banner sign. We need volunteers at the booth from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Communications – no report.

Unfinished Business

The October meeting will have candidates from our district only.

Homeless Task Force – Diane Drutowski passed out a brochure about the One-Stop Resource Center at the Salvation Army on 4th Street South, and information about Hurricane Katrina relief organized by groups associated with the task force.

Flowering Trees – Diane Drutowski met with parks department people on August 9 to select and locate trees around Mirror Lake. The trees will be planted soon, but some must wait until damaged oaks are removed. She distributed a flyer with this information.

New Business –

Mirror Lake Complex Benefit – Diane Drutowski announced this event to preserve and restore the recreation complex. It will be held October 14 at the Lyceum. Diane passed out information and posters. DNA will send out an e-mail notice and include information in the newsletter.

The Williams Park condo project and condemnation process were discussed.

Adjourn – the meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Thanks to Joe Pugliano for hosting us at the UPS Store.

Submitted by,

Diane Drutowski

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