Downtown has a strong sense of place, formed by its waterfront park system, distinctive architecture, proximity to the city’s commercial and cultural heart, and history as a walkable urban neighborhood. We wish to build on that sense of place to make Downtown an even better neighborhood in which to live, work and play.


Offers a sustainable mix of urban housing types, accommodating various income levels and household types


Has a strong element of neighborhood shops and businesses, to complement downtown’s regional commercial character


Allows people comfortably to meet most of their daily needs without an automobile, by such means as walking, riding a bicycle or using appropriate public transportation

Parks and Recreation

Maintains the beauty of its existing parks, and provides within the neighborhood opportunities for active recreation for all age groups

Civic and Social Institutions

Recognizes the important role played by institutions such as churches, schools, government offices and social-service agencies, and fosters a mutually respectful relationship between and among those institutions and neighborhood residents

Arts and Entertainment

Supports downtown as a regional arts and entertainment district that enhances the quality of life of its residents, and is compatible with the neighborhood’s scale and character