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The James Museum | Construction & 100 Block Central Ave

TheJamesMuseum-JamesRELLCThe James Museum of Western Art & Wildlife Art

“The team at James RE, LLC has been working hard to design a beautiful, new 80,000 square foot art museum within the existing South Core building at 100 Central Avenue (formerly occupied by Progress Energy and vacant for some time). We are pleased to announce that construction has begun.

Due to the significant development in downtown, and particularly along the 100 block of Central Avenue, it has been deemed necessary for safety reasons to close the 100 block of Central Avenue during the timeframe of peak construction activity.

Attached is a piece about The James Museum as well as a letter and map from our builder, The Beck Group.”

PDF / More Details: TheJamesMuseum-JamesRELLC

PDF / More Details:  TheJamesMuseum-TheBeckGroup