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Membership Minutes April 11, 2013

Sunshine Center

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by President Gary Grooms.

Board members present: Belovitz, Carder, Grooms, Harvey, Meckler, Olsen. Approximately 20 other members also attended.

The President thanked Marilyn Olsen for her 5 years of service as President which was warmly applauded by the members.

Minutes of the last General meeting were approved as posted on the website.

The Treasurers report was noted as being available on-line.

The President updated the members on the status of the Waterfront Master Plan, initiated by the DNA; Tim Clemmons and Marilyn Olsen sit on the steering committee so DNA interests will be represented. He also announced the formation of a committee to develop solutions to the situation in Williams Park and called for any volunteers to serve on the committee.

Cheryl  Stacks, the City’s bicycle and pedestrian coordinator presented a PowerPoint presentation on bicycle and pedestrian outlining the various rights and responsibilities, including definitions as included in the various statutes and ordinances. She then fielded a number of questions regarding enforcement of the regulations (difficult), impact of neck-outs on bicyclists (difficult), the program for more bike lanes (difficult), the possibility of a bicycle-sharing program (difficult) and mentioned there was a bicycle advisory committee to assist in dealing with the various issues. A copy of the presentation will be posted on the DNA website.

The meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul C. Carder,

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