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Membership Minutes April 14, 2005

Minutes of our previous meeting were posted on the DNA Web Site so were not read.

Treasurer’s Report given by Allan Brockway who reported we have $2,931.00 in our treasury and 131 paid members.

Special Guests

Virginia Littrell, City Council Member

Virginia reported that the DNA’s recommendation to rename the Sunshine Center Auditorium after Marti Frappier was moving along.

Baywalk and the youth issue ? there is research being done on whether we had adequate facilities for our teens and what alternatives exist. City Council is creating a “teen council” to help with interpreting the research for possible solutions.

Mirror Lake Complex ? looking at creating a historical venue to pull people into the area, i.e. include the library, City Hall, shuffleboard courts, chess club, perhaps some remote control boats on Mirror Lake. Will be pulling together a citizen based task force, similar to one created for the renovation of the Sunken Gardens area, to work on this project.

Zoning Codes ? there will be a major impact to the Mirror Lake area as a result of the new zoning codes. The zoning codes are changing daily and it is highly recommended that we become familiar with them and follow the changes along with the impact to our neighborhood.

New Land Development Commission ? concern that the change will make our government less transparent.

Tax-Increment Financing ? this proposal was approved which allows the county to set aside tax money for the City of St. Pete projects. Specifically for the renovation of the Mahaffey Theatre, rebuilding the Pier and the creation of a transportation hub. The impact is presently $95 million dollars in capital projects plus financing.

Police Major Melanie Bevan, Commander of Police District 2

Major Bevan gave us an overview of her first few months on the job which resulted on a lengthy discussion of the homeless situation in downtown. Although there was no resolution, there was increased awareness on everyone’s part as to the difficulty in solving this problem.

Gene Juzwiak ? Code Enforcement Officer

Mr. Juzwiak gave us an overview of his job and encouraged us to call him directly with code violations.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

Submitted by,
Peggy Spoor

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