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Membership Minutes January 12, 2006

At the Sunshine Center

Tim Baker, President of the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA), opened our General Membership meeting at 7:05 p.m.

Minutes – the minutes of our previous General Meeting were accepted as posted on the DNA web site.

Treasurer’s Report – our Treasurer, Allan Brockway, noted that we ended our 2005 fiscal year with $1,900 in the bank. We contributed $500 to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. We also contributed $2,000 to the Resurrection House as a result of our 2005 Courtyard Tour. Our official treasurer’s report is posted on our DNA web site.

Election of the 2006 DNA Board of Directors – Tim Baker introduced the slate of proposed Board members. Walter Hall moved that we accept the slate as proposed. A vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously. The newly elected Board will meet in February to elect officers. The Board is composed of: Timothy J. Baker, Marilyn Olsen, Peggy Spoor, Michael Johnson, Allan Brockway, Marie Stirling, Diane Drutowski, Richard Lane, Andrew Scherman, Richard Freeburg, Joe Pugliano and John Harte.

DNA Planning Committee – Tim Clemmons, Chair of our DNA Planning Committee, provided the membership with an update on the recent recommendations our planning committee has made on proposed zoning. Bob Jeffrey, City Zoning Representative, was present. The goal is to get new City zoning in place by October 2006. Utilizing detailed maps, Tim Clemmons reviewed the 4 areas that the DNA Planning Committee is submitting for recommendations:

• Zoning districts – reviewed small adjustments on the South side.

• Height limits – proposed for the first time in downtown.

• FAR (floor area ratio) – governs how large a new building can be in square feet. Parking garages were not initially included. The DNA proposed that parking be included but allow for an increase in the FAR.

• Administration – reviewed the new process for getting approval to build.

A discussion ensued on these topics. Andrew Scherman called the question to end debate. The question was called. A vote was taken on accepting the committee report. The majority of the membership approved the DNA Planning Committee recommendations. Dan Harvery Jr. opposed the recommendations.

One Way Streets – City Council had previously agreed to change some one-way streets to two-way. The plan is to change 1st Street and 2nd Street SOUTH to two way streets. Bayfront Towers is concerned with the change to 1st Street and is working with the City on a compromise.

Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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Peggy Spoor

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