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Minutes from DNA General Meeting April 9, 2015

STPDNA General Membership Meeting – April 9th, 2015


Also present were:

Karl Nurse  – City Council

St. Petersburg Police Department Major Sharon “DeDe” Carron Lieutenant Luke Williams Lieutenant Marcus Hughes

Sargent Scott MacDonald, Special Events Sargent Mike Bush, Deployment Team



  1. Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by Al Scafati,
  2. President introduced SPDNA Board Members present.
  3. March Meeting minutes and Treasurer’s Report
  4. Event Committee Chair, Gina Driscoll, provide overview of February Sunshine Award event and announced upcoming events (Evening with the Artist 4/28, American Stage Arts Conservatory for Teens 5/14 Community Give-Back, Rowdies June Event, fall Tour of Homes.) Referred membership to website for tickets and more
  5. Representative of the St. Petersburg Police Department addressed multiple city issues:
    1. Entertainment Noise: Current noise ordinance is antiquated. It is not effective and is inefficient due to the current enforcement process.  Per current ordinance a resident must file complaint and be listed as victim (~150 complaints thus far) and officer must visit complaint’s home to verify source of noise before they can issue citation. New proposed ordinance brought forth by Karl Nurse would take action on outdoor speakers past curfew and force doors of establishment to be shut at curfew time. Police would have power to cite violators without a resident complaint being filed.  16 bars currently have outdoor speakers. City Council must vote to change ordinance. Baby steps need to reach solution. To be discussed at 4/23 City Council Meeting, but not all Council Members in agreement at present. Fines $218/$350/$500. New ordinance would not allow fines to be negotiated down. If passed, Police will visit bars with outdoor speakers in advance of enforcement to make them aware of ordinance change and new process. Encouraged residents to go to 4/23 Council meeting and write to Council to gain stronger support. Researching to see if there is new technology that can effectively monitor decibels emitted.  Noise from same source varies by
    2. Construction and AC noise issues, among other noise issues, will be addressed by city task force that is being formed. Scafati and Grooms will represent SPDNA on this task
    3. Park, Walk, Talk initiative to connect with community (1 hour/week) and good citizens, not the 3 they already know. Rays also want to engage and have launched Park, Walk, Cheer initiative to give tickets and T-shirts to
    4. Asking for more officers downtown (unit of 12). No plans to expand horse patrol which works only at night when downtown crowds are the largest. Plan is to add more Segways. Special operations unit handles canine squad and homeless 1600 homeless persons have been place into conversion program. They patrol Mirror Lake and the parks.  Sleeping in park is not a violation. Williams Park will continue to be an issue as long as it is a bus terminal. If SPDNA wants to organize an effort related to Williams Park, we should call Bush in advance to coordinate.
    5. Urged members to lock house and car doors at all times. Kids just randomly trying door
    6. Urged members to call non-emergency number when they see things out of the


  1. Call 727-893-7780 for non-urgent issues and 911 for emergency issues. Can also text tip to
  2. Urged membership to use See, Click, Fix smart phone app to report appropriate Program has 10 day turnaround. Submissions go to police department and they forward them to appropriate city departments for resolution.
  3. Testing body cams, but do not want to put the cart before the horse. Additional cost to archive body cam footage. Also concerned about the invasion of privacy issues that body cam create. They will seriously weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision. In the meantime they are putting more cameras in their
  4. Launched “We Are Watching You” initiative. Will have 2 vehicles with eyes painted on them and cameras inside, parked for periods of time in Kids designed vehicles. Hope is that it will deter bad behavior in certain neighborhoods.
  1. The meeting adjourned at 8:28


These minutes were recorded by Terry Rimer, April 9th, 2015.