Downtown Development

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Planning and Zoning: City of St. Petersburg

City of St. Pete Development Projects  These projects are on city owned land for example, the Tropicana Field site.

Land Development Regs for Downtown Center (DC)

8/26/22 Update: Demolition of Property on Mirror Lake Drive wil be heard by Development Review Services on September 6th. Please contact the City of St. Petersburg for more information (727) 892-5453.

Individual Building Plans and Renderings

699 1 Ave No (11/21/22)

1000 1st Ave No (10/03/22)

511 3rd Ave So 10/03/22

235 3rd Street South (8/31/22)

900 Central Avenue (8/25/22)

1111 Central Avenue   (8/22/22)

1700 Central (7/30/22)

234 3rd Ave N/ 232 & 256 2nd St. N

200 Central Avenue

235 3rd St So  Site Plan and Building Elevation

334 2nd Ave South

First Ave and Fifth Street N

400 Central| revised plan

Julia  Site Plan Modification

747 4th Ave N

3rd Ave N Apartments 

734 3rd Ave So Rendering

200 Mirror Lake Dr.  Proposed will require a DRC review

610 3rd Ave S

233 5th St N, 430 3rd Ave N, 442 3rd Ave No, 249 5th St N

126 4th Ave NE